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AB Sea Container is a one-stop destination for fully refurbished and reliable shipping containers. Offering the best of products is one of our specialties. Our services are offered globally with a keen focus on affordability and customer satisfaction. Our highly durable products are the backbone of our business.
Mr. Hansraj Budhiraja, the founder of AB Sea Container Private Limited, established the company in 2007.

We are manufacturers and suppliers of

We emphasize both design and smart usability which is in accord with international standards. We also offer commission, erecting, and Third-Party approval services for safe transportation and the installation of containers.

Delivering Quality Portacabins Globally with Precision Engineering

AB Sea Containers offers a diverse range of custom-built portacabins globally, adhering to ISO 668 & ISO 1496 standards with ISO-certified raw materials. Operating from Dadri, our port terminal ensures efficient rail transport, guaranteeing secure and prompt delivery.

Our versatile product portfolio caters to private, industrial, commercial, and hospitality markets, providing affordable building systems. The design and engineering team at AB Sea Containers ensures all projects comply with building codes, utilizing AutoCAD, SketchUp, and rendering software for professional structural drawings and designs. Our around-the-clock production line prioritizes safety, efficiency, and strict quality control, ensuring customer satisfaction and peaceful nights.
About Company

Discover excellence in shipping solutions with AB Sea Container

We at AB Sea Container want to completely alter the Indian container industry and contribute significantly to it. By 2025, we want to build 50 cargo containers every day.

Our team strives to offer our esteemed customers customized refurbished office and modular containers. With our commitment to our work, we hope to improve the country’s standing in the industry and make it a global leader.

Our main objective is to satisfy customers. As a result, we offer our esteemed clients reliable, affordable, and trustworthy logistics services. Our dedication to quality and safety gives us a competitive edge and has consistently set us apart from the competition.

AB Sea Container offers an unparalleled experience to our customers with our state-of-the-art production facility, colossal setup, and skilled arduous staff.

Our company’s motto is “Installing Innovation,” and we work diligently to continually develop and upgrade cutting-edge technology, as well as creative ways to utilize space. We also provide training to improve staff skills and development. We work hard, respect reason and intelligence, and are motivated to surpass what has already been accomplished.

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Container Manufacturer
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Office Container Manufacturer
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For us, quality entails upholding higher standards in all of our work, regardless of how big or small the project is. We care equally about our work, Be it about delivering exceptional customer service or conducting routine inspections for customers, a 360-degree approach is what you can expect from us.


We operate according to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. We uphold the values of respect for one another, openness, honesty, and ethics in all of our dealings with clients, partners, and other members of the public.


Building enduring connections with our team members, clients, and suppliers will enable us to collaborate more easily across fields and industries. True gains, it has been wisely remarked, are those that result from relationships


We allow each of our customers to choose designs and alter them by their particular needs. Our design team and quality team are outfitted with the greatest tools and technology to uphold our dedication to our principles.
Since we firmly think that cutting-edge technologies and unrestricted creativity may revolutionize and optimize productivity for our customers, we are incredibly receptive to any special requirements or difficulties that may arise.

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