Think of a portable room you could bring with you anywhere. Is it necessary to have a test lab in a distant location? Do you urgently require additional white room capacity? Is a white room necessary to transport by boat?

All of that is possible with portable clean room containers! These transportable models are created into typical 20′ or 40′ HC containers with typical attachment points, making them simple to carry by water or by land. The transportable clean room container can be used with just a suitable power source.

The container development has been built to be transportable with ease, guaranteeing flexible and local production without the need to buy equipment for multiple locations.

The requirements for private production are implemented with three application scenarios, resulting in excellent process stability and little qualification work. The certified container is used to manufacture industrial grippers and medical technology items.

Our mobile room containers typically have ISO08 or ISO07 certification by ISO14644, providing an ideal environment for a variety of applications.

The cleanroom containers are ideal for biology, medical, or military lab needs. Because the interior design is frequently tailored to our client’s preferences, the equipment is quite adjustable. The cleanroom container is equipped with a video system, an internal IT network, or a sterile washbasin.