Innovative Acoustic Insulation for Natural Gas Gensets

Introducing our Acoustically Insulated Container, meticulously engineered to accommodate Natural Gas Gensets while prioritizing sound attenuation and operational efficiency.

Advanced Sound Dampening

Crafted with advanced acoustic insulation materials and expertise, this container boasts a specialized design to minimize sound emissions from Natural Gas Gensets. The internal insulation comprises perforated sheets, 1mm thick, coupled with a 100mm rockwool layer. This combination effectively absorbs sound, ensuring a quieter operational environment.

Structured for Optimal Functionality

The container’s interior is structured with precision to facilitate the housing of Natural Gas Gensets. It includes provisions for the installation of fans, pipe fittings, and natural gas delivery systems. The integration of socket weld flanges or slip-on raised face flanges ensures seamless fitting for exhaust pipelines and system components, optimizing functionality.

Versatile Mobility and Power Range

Embedded within a shipping container, this enclosure offers unparalleled mobility, catering to electrical requirements ranging from 200 KWE to 1500 KWE. Its unique adaptability enables swift deployment to varied locations, ensuring the availability of natural gas-powered electricity as needed.

Innovative Sound Attenuation

The included sound attenuator effectively reduces noise levels emitted by the Natural Gas Gensets. Operating at a maximum of 65 decibels under 2 meters, this feature maintains a tranquil environment while the gensets are in operation, adhering to stringent noise control standards.

Customized Support Structures

Custom-designed support structures, comprising custom in-house bent C channels, enhance the enclosure’s functionality. These structures facilitate over-roof mounting systems, offering robust support and stability for various system components.

Efficient Installation and Engine Mounting

Equipped with 16mm base plates, this container streamlines the installation process for engines and panels associated with Natural Gas Gensets, ensuring ease of setup and reliable performance.
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