Setting the Standard in Container Excellence

At AB Sea Container, our commitment to quality is unwavering. We rigorously adhere to ISO 668, ISO 1496, and ISO 1161 standards, shaping our production line to meet these requirements and the latest safety regulations. Embracing the ‘Made in India’ ethos, we source all components and raw materials locally, contributing proudly to the ‘Made in India’ movement.

Consistent Excellence in Container Quality:

Our containers undergo meticulous inspections, holding up to stringent global certifications. This unwavering dedication ensures top-notch container equipment delivered across the globe.

Uncompromising Safety Standards:

We prioritize safety above all else, complying rigorously with the latest safety protocols, regulations, and relevant ISO norms. Our container solutions embody the highest safety standards.

Championing Environmental-Friendly Innovations:

Sustainability lies at the heart of our offerings. We provide eco-conscious options like eco-bamboo flooring and steel-floor containers, fostering the preservation of precious natural resources.

Engineered for Enhanced Technical Performance:

Crafted for durability and increased payload capacity, our containers ensure maximum cargo safety. Added lashing points secure transportation, emphasizing our commitment to reliability.

Tailored Solutions with Hardtop Containers:

Our specialized Hardtop containers are purpose-built to address unique stuffing and transportation needs, guaranteeing optimal cargo handling.

Timber Treatment and Container Markings:

Timber within our containers meets strict Australian, European, Chinese, and American standards. Our containers prominently display ISO size type codes for swift identification.

Maximum Weight Capacities:

Our 20' general-purpose containers can withstand up to 32,500 kg (71,650 lbs), matching the weight capacity of 40' and 45' containers. Notably, steel flooring boosts weight capacity by 35%, supporting 4.2 tons per running meter in 20' containers and 3 tons per running meter in 40' containers.

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