High KVA Rating Power Pack Container

We created power pack containers to support the systems in which enormous KVA ratings are necessary for mobile and quick-deploying DG systems. The ISO-compliant containers have a 20-foot length and an 8-foot width. According to these measurements, containerized DG power packs have output capacities of 500 KVA, 600 KVA, 625 KVA, 750 KVA, 800 KVA, 1010 KVA, and 1250 KVA.

Since this technology is modular, expansion is simple to achieve. The container also has insulation, louvers, and a cooling system. These additional features make the containers plug-and-play ready. You would just require a single wire for your power supply in terms of connectors. People adore their longevity supports, continuous function, portability, and durability, whether or not a container is moved after installation.

We offer complete customization, allowing you to utilize the services following your needs. Our container is protected against heat, vibration, and wetness thanks to contemporary rock wool insulation. These shipping containers are transportable, so you may move them as you choose from one location to another.

One will be able to relocate these shipping containers to selected locations in need in the event of any calamity at any location, such as floods or earthquakes. Without the trouble of no power supply in remote regions, one may even relocate Powerpack DG Containers to a completely new location and begin working the same day. Powerpack DG container’s Canopy is available for rent as new, used, modified, and customized shipping containers.

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