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Our Diesel Genset Containerized Canopy is purpose-built to house diesel gensets and associated components, such as attenuators, pipings, diesel storage tanks, electrical circuits, and safety features. These containers come in varying output capacities, ranging from 500KVA to 1250KVA, catering to diverse power needs.

Modularity and Expandability

The system’s modular design allows for effortless expansion, providing flexibility to adapt to changing power requirements. Equipped with louvers, insulation, and a cooling system, these containers are self-contained and ready for plug-and-play functionality. A single cable suffices for power supply connections, simplifying setup and operation.

Durable, Portable, and Performance-Oriented

Users praise the durability and portability of these containers. Once installed, they offer long-lasting performance and reliability. Designed for non-stop performance, these powerpack containers are cost-effective and serve as a hybrid solution for modern power demands. Their adaptability and reliability make them a pocket-friendly choice for varied applications.

Customizable Solutions for Your Needs

We pride ourselves on offering 100% customization, ensuring our containers align precisely with your specific requirements. Our containers feature state-of-the-art Rockwool Insulation, safeguarding against heat, vibration, and water, ensuring optimal performance and protection for your equipment.

Mobility in Times of Need

The portability of these shipping containers facilitates easy transportation from one location to another. In times of disaster, such as floods or earthquakes, these containers can be swiftly relocated to areas requiring immediate power supply. They serve as a lifeline, enabling rapid deployment of power solutions in remote or disaster-affected regions.

Reliable Rental Solutions

As one of India’s most reputable shipping container specialists, we offer a range of options, including new, used, modified, and customized Powerpack DG container canopies available for rent. This flexibility ensures access to reliable power solutions without compromising on quality or performance.
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