Flexible and Hygienic Toilet Containers for Various Needs

They provide options that are both economical and useful. According to customer demands, our demountable toilet structure is built in single and multi-unit designs with a closet, shower, urinals, and disabled toilet.

Worker camps, tourist destinations, vacation spots, and international organisations favor our constructions because of their interior amenities that meet international standards for bathrooms and showers.

From a 5-foot single toilet to a 20-foot cabin with numerous toilet facilities, including a shower, we provide steel toilet cabins in a variety of sizes and layouts. These cabins are strong, vandal-resistant, and long-lasting. They are completely portable and great for temporary locations and public gatherings, but they also make a great permanent fixture at industrial sites, campgrounds, and tourist attractions.

We have restrooms for every person looking for one, in a variety of sizes, styles, and configurations that are mobile. A safety grill and alarm are included in Special Toilets for the Disabled, which is immensely useful for the person using them.

We provide turnkey cabins, which may be used right away after being installed on a customer’s property. The quickest way to occupy space is with a toilet cabin, which may also be used for official, domestic, commercial, and a variety of other functions.

Our top priorities are cleanliness and hygienic conditions, so we construct self-draining flooring to prevent infestation. The benefit of reusing the restroom for each individual is provided by proper ventilation.

We’ve established low-cost or budget-friendly programs for our consumers in favor of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan so that everyone can have a toilet cabin. We will help India’s campaign for a Cleaner India with limitless attachments and cost-effective programs.

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