Pioneering Hydrogen Electricity Production Enclosure

Our Hydrogen Electricity Production Enclosure is a cutting-edge solution designed to house hydrogen-powered electrical systems. Crafted with precision and innovation, these enclosures are equipped with specialized features to ensure efficient operation and portability.

Advanced Insulation and Structural Design

Internally insulated with perforated sheets 1mm thick and covered by a 100mm rockwool layer, these enclosures offer superior insulation. The reinforced structure within accommodates the mounting of fans, pipe fittings, and various hydrogen-carrying systems. Socket weld flanges or slip-on raised face flanges are integrated for seamless fitting of exhaust pipelines and system components, ensuring optimal functionality.

Unmatched Mobility and Power Range

The standout feature of these enclosures is their mobility. Designed within the confines of a shipping container, they possess the unique ability to be relocated to diverse locations, catering to electrical requirements ranging from 200 KWE to 1500 KWE. This adaptability ensures the availability of hydrogen-powered electricity wherever needed.

Innovative Sound Attenuation

Sound production is minimized with our included attenuator, reducing noise levels to an impressive 65 decibels under 2 meters. Key components include acoustic louvers, which are meticulously designed with perforated sheets and rock wool. These louvers effectively absorb sound and vibrations, ensuring a quieter and more efficient operational environment.

Custom Roof Support and Mounting Systems

To further enhance functionality, we provide custom in-house bent C channels for additional roof support structures. These structures facilitate over-roof mounting systems, offering robust support and a stable base for various system components.

Effortless Installation and Engine Mounting

The hydrogen gensets are equipped with 16mm base plates, ensuring an AV mounting base for hassle-free installation of engines and panels. This feature streamlines the setup process, allowing for swift deployment and operation.
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