Bulletproof Containers: Customizable & Secure Structures for Varied Applications

Our specialized modular armored buildings are made to order and tailored to meet the needs of each particular client. Armored structures will be set up using standardized ISO container fixings for multimodal transit. Before delivery, every building is fully finished in the factory. Each structure can stand alone and doesn’t need a solid foundation.

Due to its modular nature, modules can be connected end to end or side by side to create a variety of complicated structures, or they can be stacked to create two or three-story buildings.

Our container is bulletproof and has a wide range of home, military, and commercial applications. Buildings may be simply moved to different locations and have a wide variety of interior layouts and designs.

The highest level of comfort is produced by every building, from little site huts to enormous modular volumetric structures. A strong galvanized steel frame supports the specifically constructed layers that make up the walls, floor, and ceiling, which create a controlled interior climate with the best insulation values. Internal doors and partition walls are both well insulated.

Special double-glazed solar control glass is used in slim profile windows and sliding doors to maintain comfort levels while offering the highest level of security, transparency, and light penetration.

With a steel frame insulated floor structure, structures are completely self-supporting, negating the need for foundations or floor slabs.

The building, all interior and exterior finishes, doors, window units, plumbing installation, electrical system, and lighting are all included in the production and delivery of our container rooms.

To provide BR7 ballistic protection, bulletproof containers are frequently offered as standard. During the appearance phase, numerous anti-ballistic alternatives and unique requirements are met.

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