Versatile Steel Boxes: The Cornerstone of Global Trade and Storage

It is also known as Shipping Container, Cargo Container, Storage Container, Sea Box, Corrugated Steel Box, Sea Freight Container and with many more terms. These boxes have a very long and dependable life, corrugation plays an essential role in making these containers unbreakable. They are reusable for transportation and storage purposes, which comforts to pack and move almost anything in them, from varied locations or countries. In short they are the Back-Bone of International Trade and Domestic. There are a numerous activities, which can be performed by and in these steel boxes. The standard sizes are 40’x8’x8.6’, 40x’8’x9.6’, 20’x8’x8.6’ & 20’x8’x9.6’. 

Well that’s just standard sizes, we can convert them into any shape & size. You need a container in shape of a pyramid! You call us.

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